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Just post when you see this message, lets see how much people check.

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May get together / Going away party –MAY 3RD!–

A party and get together! My brother will be back in town and we will be having a party at our place.
May 3rd
People can show up at 4 or whenever after that.
May 3rd
We will be doing a wine and cheese party to the evening, but it is mostly just a party. If people want to get in on the wine, bring a bottle to contribute.

We will have some snacks, but if people want to bring more dips / chips / cheese / meat / ducks / shark fin soup / etc it is more than welcome.

More details to come if I think more details need to be added

May 3rd

Edit : Come the end of May / Beginning on June Sarah, Jerva and I will be heading out west to Grande Prairie.  So this has become a going away party as well!  We will not likely get a chance to host another event before we go, and (at least for Sarah and I) we will not likely be able to make it to anything on May 2-4.  Is there someone who can bring Jerva with them if they are coming?

May 3rd

Project Zomboid MP is Here

I have been following this game for a while now with a couple of my work buddies.  They have finally launched the multilayer update for it.

I am going to be working on hosting a server in the very near future (I am thinking Wednesday), but more people should get in on this with us.  It can support up to 32 players per world.


I also know that I have a white letter picture on a white background, but I dont care.